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Internal Wall Insulation


From CorkSol UK, SprayCork is an innovative cork spray suitable for internal wall insulation (IWI) to be used in homes and commercial and industrial buildings to provide strong, reliable thermal insulation. It is an eco-friendly product as cork is taken from stripped bark instead of felled trees, and is a completely sustainable resource. As it is a highly breathable, weather-resistant material, it is the ideal choice for property insulation.
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Why Use SprayCork?

SprayCork is a natural, eco-friendly spray that can be used for both new build and renovation projects, providing a sustainable solution that will stand the test of time! For centuries, cork has been used for various applications, including thermal and acoustic insulation, due to its flexibility and durability. It is an ideal construction material, and can be applied to just about any surface.

Walls in spraycorn insulation

SprayCork Features & Benefits

Social Housing Condensation Case Study
SprayCork Coach House Case Study
SprayCork Technical Data Sheet 2022
SprayCork Features & Benefits

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